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Client Scenario: Australian Expat

Nick is a 39-year-old Australian Expat working in the petroleum sector in Saudi Arabia. Nick came across Ramsey Property Wealth as he required specialist, strategic support with the purchase of a new investment property in Australia. Together our team utilised our knowledge of the individual Lender's policy we chose to proceed with, going above and beyond to push his investment purchase across the line in record time whilst managing efficient communications to the client overseas to get what is required in ample time.

As the client was looking to purchase an investment property in Australia, whilst living and earning an overseas income, his circumstances regarding the purchase of an investment property are typically out of the ordinary for a traditional Banker or Broker.

As this touches directly on our area of expertise, supported by a team of Senior Brokers that have extensive experience with ex-pat salaries and scenarios, our Senior Mortgage Advisor and Mortgage Director Emma Hawker assisted with efficiency and expert out-of-the-box thinking, taking on the challenge to find the perfect lender to support the buying process.  


The Challenge: Lender Policy Niche

Due to the complexity of the sale and the policy structure required, there are a very limited number of lenders that will handle overseas applicants. And within that small group, Saudi Arabia is often outside of its lending policy.  

Emma underwent extensive research and used our vast network of lending associates to explore the different options on offer to the client. Thanks to Ramsey’s great relationships with our Banking Business Development Managers, Emma was able to find a great lender to move forward. Offering to take the application to higher credit to get a ‘Policy Exemption’ due to the client’s circumstances. Emma went over and above to reach an extraordinary result for the client. A huge success! 

The Result

The close working relationships we build with Business Development Managers ultimately allowed us to be able to assist in out-of-the-ordinary cases. 

Emma undertook the extra steps and extra work necessary to gain a highly favourable result for the client and was excited to present this option in an extensive 8-page report. As the client is a Petroleum Engineer, reports and figures were essential to give the client what he needed to make an informed decision.  After taking the recommendation, he was able to purchase his new investment home! 


The Extra Work Undertaken to Achieve an Extraordinary Result!

At Ramsey, we take on the challenge to better communicate your complex scenario to the banks - even if the scenario doesn't match up with the lender's policy. This result was achieved through the hard work of Emma; finding a lender who would accept an outside policy exemption. And the structuring of our team means that every broker has a team of specialists supporting them. Giving them the flexibility to research the best lender for the client and find you the perfect loan to sort your needs. 

Post agreement, your support team will be on hand to make the process as painless as possible. Effortlessly assisting in documentation, signing and processing of all legal documents, especially for clients living overseas. 

If you are a client with a complex or structured situation, see how we can help you to find the perfect loan resolution for you. Take a look through our Google Reviews to see the power of our team for yourself.