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In 2018 Ramsey Property Wealth was built to support a growing need in the marketplace, servicing time-poor professionals, Australia wide, whom value strategic professional advice and with the specific goal in mind of building a profitable property investment portfolio to achieve financial freedom.

We specialise in exactly that; providing end-to-end, strategic lending solutions working with over 52 lending institutions, paired with strategic property investment planning and advice  and critical additional buyers' advocacy services that enable you work cohesively with an entire property wealth team, so that you can achieve your ultimate net wealth goals and do the things you love with the people you love.

With over 18 years of property , combined with both retail and private banking experience working within major banks and lending institutions,  and customer service delivery driven into our ethos, we understand the complexities of putting a home loan together and more importantly we understand how to close the gap between what the banks want and what the client needs to maximise your loan position when it comes to achieving your finance and property goals.

We work for you and we pride ourselves on putting the customer at the centre of everything we do.

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Young Professionals

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First Time Investors

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Our Team

Ewan Ramsey

Managing Director and Head of Property Strategy

About Ewan

The Advisor and Strategist everyone wants in their corner to ensure they have the right strategy and advice to build a successful, income generating property investment portfolio.

Spending 15 years in retail and private lending institutions Ewan’s exposure to complex lending scenarios across a variety of clients in a complex/trust/self employed scenario environment is what sets him apart from the rest.

Having personally amassed a property portfolio of $7.5 million himself including co ordinating his own multi-developments, Ewan is personally heavily invested in property development and property investment planning and offers advice through experience.

Working with someone as established as Ewan, clients can access a multi-facet strategy where they are able to see a customised plan developed specifically with their personal, current and future situation in mind whilst working to their property goals, mapping out a debt reduction and property investment strategy enabling them to eventually stop trading time for money.

When Ewan isn't client facing or developing smoother digital business processes, he loves watching the All Blacks pump their competition, setting out on the town keeping Tequila companies cash flow positive, travelling and playing 'tea parties' with his little girl Heidi.

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Stefanie Ramsey

Executive Director - People, Culture and Comms

About Stefanie

With a strong background in People, Recruitment and Marketing Stefanie leads the businesses continued growth through successful candidate acquisition, on-boarding, training and developing the Ramsey team whilst managing the businesses core Marcomms function enabling clients to get to know more of the property/growth services we provide above and beyond lending.

Her goal is to onboard ‘best-in-class’, industry professionals into the Ramsey team to ensure that our clients are receiving nothing less than exemplary, 5 star service and advice.

Aside from managing the Ramseygram and having a laugh at the office; when she’s not completing the finishing touches on development projects you will find her hanging with her mini-me, Heidi, recipe planning, hosting events or trying to tame our office Dashie (work in progress we say!).

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Adam Bailey

Executive Director - Client Acquisition, Strategy & Growth

About Adam

Adam brings a wealth of experience in team leadership, premium clientele management and strategic partnerships, coupled with a stellar track record of nurturing talent and driving exceptional performance.

A seasoned relationship management leader with over 18 years of global banking and market intelligence experience, Adam houses a proven record of building effective networks, delivering solutions of excellence, and exceeding expectations for his clients and stakeholders.

Recognised and rewarded by Australia's tier one banks and S&P Global for his performance and leadership globally, Adam is passionate about creating value and solving problems for his clients, partners, and team.

Aside from his excellence in the professional arena, Adam is a family man first and foremost, living by the beach with 2 lovely girls and dog Alfie. Adam is a self-professed sports buff, AFL (40 years a Carlton member!) & Cricket being his top 2.

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Wesley Van Rensburg 

Property Strategist

About Wes

Wes enters Ramsey with a unique skillset combining unique and highly sought after expertise and experience in both Lending and Property Investment and Strategy sectors and will join Ewan, David, Chris, Rory, Daisy and the Property Strategy division in curating customised client property portfolio plans with the outcome of delivering a portfolio of 6-8 long-term, income generating properties enabling you to live the life you are most passionate about.

After he's done setting his clients up for life Wes is a wonderful family man to his wife and 2 children, with a love for jiu jitsu and the Springboks, insert footie chat here.... haha!

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Chris Childs

Property Acquisitions Specialist

About Chris

Chris is not your regular Property Specialist here at Ramsey, shipped all the way from the UK, Chris houses a strong background and expertise in both residential and commercial property sales with a strong understanding and execution of investment property and the art of maximising key relationships within the new and existing property marketplace to gain his clients key results.

Chris assists our professional time-poor clients by researching, negotiating and purchasing your next investment property geared to ensure we exceed your property goals.

Chris fits perfectly into the Ramsey ethos, with a track record of providing nothing less than premium, fast, effective communication and a genuine client focussed, solutions based approach.

UK born, Chris is loving the Australian weather and the platform he now has to travel to the many wonders Australia has to offer, with his young family.

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Daisy Rainsborough

Property Analyst

About Daisy

Daisy enters Ramsey Property Wealth with a plethora of Research and Analytics expertise, previously working in her home country in the UK as a Research Analyst and most recently in Melbourne in Property Analytics.

Daisy has the data expertise and the kind of analytics background you want in your corner, when it comes to conducting research, due diligence and historic property data that is required to assist us with the properties we select within your strategic property portfolio plan.

Aside from the spreadsheets, Daisy loves exploring the Australian landscape with her partner, and discovering the infinite beauty this country truly offers. Then once home she loves cooking all types of cuisines and dining out in Brisbane!

Contact Daisy Contact Daisy

Rory Morrissey

Property Associate

About Rory

Rory was hand-picked by both Directors to join our multi-industry Awarded Property Strategy division because of his valuable approach to client service, his refreshing, client solutions driven attitude, his passion and experience personally in building a property portfolio and for his depth of knowledge in property acquisitions space. 

Rory supports our team of Strategists and works alongside you to deliver each stage of your property investment journey with us.

Aside form his flawless approach to the customer journey a fun fact about Rory is, that even thought new to the Australian landscape he has immediately immersed himself in the NRL culture, absolutely loving his live Broncos games!

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Steven Shaw

Relationship Manager

About Steven

Steven enters Ramsey with an excellent foundation serving medical professionals and those seeking complex self-employed finance solutions. Coming from a decorated background in Premium and Private Banking you'll find Steven is nothing short of a highly driven and enthusiastic finance professional with a specialisation in understanding the unique financial needs of his clients.

Aside from being a Rockstar in the office, on weekends, you'll often find him on the racetrack or navigating the scenic mountain roads in his R32 GTR or spending quality time with his wife and son, embracing the outdoors through activities like camping, beachside 4WD adventures, or leisurely family boat trips in Moreton Bay.

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Marcus Cottee

Relationship Manager

About Marcus

Marcus, came highly recommended to us, his most recent experience in a premium banking customer service environment within one of the most respected banks in Australia. With first-class communication, Marcus sets the standard, yet again, in premium service, organising your property and finance journey to run the smoothest, from start to finish.

Marcus will take you through your loan documents, ensure settlement is reached on-time and should you continue on your property investment journey, Marcus is the guy to help you with your progress payments and takes the hassle out of the buying or building stage of acquiring your first through to final investment property with us.

When Marcus isn't being a superstar holding our team together he's a busy guy.... He is always furthering himself with his studies, making sure his friends have a high quality medium-rare cooked steak on the barbie or enjoying coffee and fine treats from Jocelyn's Provisions. Sounds ideal!

Contact Marcus  Contact Marcus 

Angela Hills

Business Manager

About Angela

With a wonderful and refreshing can-do approach and effortless organisation skills, Angela comes with the complete package to compliment the Ramsey Executive Team.

Angela has a deep history working for Banks and financial institutions and Brokerages and now has the most wonderful task of getting the Directors and team in line when it comes to all things finance and admin, whilst championing significant growth projects along the way. Starting her day with a long black, weak and warm’ coffee order, after she's got her wonderful children ready, packed and dropped to school,

Angela arrives with her sparkly personality and implements an impressive process each day to help Ramsey grow to the level it needs. When asked “outside of work what does Angela love doing?” she answers, with a smile “Angela doesn't have time to do anything else”. She is busy being an incredible and invaluable asset to us and to the beautiful Hills family at home.

Contact Angela  Contact Angela 

Spencer Ramsey


About Spencer

If you haven't met Spencer by the time you've reached the front door then he must be out for a 'coffee' break down at the local or sunning himself in the carpark!

Once inside, you won't be able to resist the master of charm, he keeps the office morale high and conveniently lets you know he is ALWAYS there to help.

Why Us?

Our difference is simple. We are an award-winning, diversified business that offers a substantial amount of additional value to our customers looking to advance their mortgage and property wealth position.

We offer a round-table service consisting of Mortgage Advice, Property Investment Planning Advice, Property Acquisition, Development Advice, Home Builder Services, Ramsey Concierge and more.

Our business is designed to offer the right combination of services that assist our time poor customers by accessing the best advisory and extension/support services available to enable you to stop trading time for money and build true wealth through property.

If you are looking for key results and want more than just a fancy blurb, see what our range of clients have to say about their Ramsey mortgage and property investment journey on Google.

Our Awards

Being recognised by industry bodies, our peers and our clients for our industry leading services, customer performance and individual performance is something we are immensely proud of.

Check out our collection, and we’re only just getting started.

Client case studies

See what our clients have to say about our service, delivery, online platforms and expertise...

Teachers setup a Strategic Debt Structure and Property Portfolio Planning

Teachers setup a Strategic Debt Structure and Property Portfolio Planning

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Case Scenario: Transforming the Property Portfolio of a Registered Nurse

Case Scenario: Transforming the Property Portfolio of a Registered Nurse

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Ramsey Makes a Millionaire

Ramsey Makes a Millionaire

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Our latest news

Case Study: Acquiring a High-Performing Property for Two Time-Poor Professionals

Discover how these busy professionals achieved remarkable property growth in just 9 months! Dean and Yelena, juggling demanding careers and family life, turned to Ramsey Property Wealth for expert guidance. With their assistance, the couple secured an off-market gem in Perth, experiencing a staggering $120,000 appreciation in less than a year! Learn how their savvy investment strategy yielded a 5.94% rental return, paving the way for future investment success.

The True Worth of an Investment Buyers Advocate: Maximising Return On Investment!

In the labyrinth of real estate, finding lucrative investments is a daunting task. For Australian investors, Buyers Advocates emerge as essential allies, offering expertise that transcends their fees. Armed with insider knowledge, data analytics, negotiation mastery, and access to off-market opportunities, these professionals maximize returns while mitigating risks. Learn how their strategic guidance transforms investments into success stories.

Investor Confidence in Australian Property Market Soars - A Deep Dive into the Latest Trends

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics defies expectations, revealing a remarkable 21.5% surge in investor mortgage commitments, contrasting owner-occupier figures. With investors outpacing first-home buyers, the market landscape evolves. Chief Economist Leith van Onselen sheds light on these trends, emphasizing the pivotal role investor sentiment plays in shaping the market's trajectory.

Today's Property Investment Market: Highlights from our Director

Sophisticated investors have an opportunity to capitalize on current property market conditions amid the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA) interest rate policies and broader economic factors. Here are some highlights and commentary from our Director, Ewan Ramsey on what this means for the broader market and specifically for our clients, strategic property investors.

Navigating Mortgage Valuations: The Game-Changer in Home Financing

Amidst the complexities of securing a home loan, the often-underestimated property valuation process takes center stage. Recent insights from the Australian Financial Review reveal substantial valuation discrepancies, impacting interest rates and Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Learn how adept borrowers rely on expert mortgage advice to navigate this critical phase, ensuring a fair deal aligned with their financial goals.

5 Tips for Property Investing Success in 2024

Prepare for the dynamic property market of 2024 with these 5 essential tips. Learn to develop a robust long-term plan, choose prime locations, and safeguard your finances with a buffer. Explore the significance of demographics and how they shape lasting wealth. Start your journey towards achieving your financial and lifestyle goals by undertaking the following.

Understanding Investment Property Depreciation

Discover the significance of depreciation schedules in property investment for maximizing tax benefits and expanding financial portfolios. Gain insights into navigating depreciation calculations for new and older properties, and their impact on tax deductions. Learn about the optimal timing for claiming depreciation and the importance of seeking professional guidance. Elevate your understanding of property depreciation with expert insights.

Plan and Exceed Your Net Wealth Goals in 2024

As we step into the new year, it's the perfect time for Australian property investors to shape and refine their strategies for success. The property market is constantly changing, so having a clear understanding of your end game and forward-thinking approach is crucial.

How to create a game-changing Net Wealth position

There are different ways to think about wealth and where you want to be in the future.  Be it five, ten or even fifteen years - especially if you're considering property as an investment vehicle - in this article we explain what it really means to building wealth and and change your Net Wealth position for life.

Maximising Your Time To Invest

Planning for your financial and lifestyle aspirations often takes a back seat to work and family responsibilities, so finding time to invest for your future goals can take a back seat. In this article you will read how you can maximise that time to invest while meeting all your life goals.

Spotting Unqualified Property Portfolio Planning Services

The industry is full of property houses, acquisition suppliers, intermediaries and buyer's agents demanding your attention but how do you know who is genuinely working in your best interests? And what is their version of a ‘property portfolio plan’?

Buyer's Agents: Property's Best-Kept Secret

A buyer's agent works for you as the buyer, not the seller, and their job is to help you find the right investment property, with the right rental yield in the right growth corridor, at the right price. They become your expert property sourcing, negotiating I've left this unchanged but the word 'right' appears multiple times in the sentence and can be hard to understand by some readers.

Setting Your Future Retirement Dreams: Can Property Investment Help?

Many Australians face the prospect of a retirement that increasingly doesn't align with their dreams and aspirations. With careful planning Australians during their working years can unlock strategies to invest in property that provides rental income and potential capital gains through increased values to help reach your above-average retirement goals.

Investing for Financial Freedom: Our Insights

First Home Buyers: $1,800 Monthly Repayment Reduction

Aspiring first-home buyers facing affordability hurdles can soon tap into dual federal government support.

Finding the Right Investment Property for You

The type of investment property you buy, location, and features will primarily be based on your property wealth strategy.

First-Time Investment Loan Guide: Your Ultimate Starting Point

Investing in property can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. For many first-time investors, it can seem overwhelming to know where to begin.

Refinance to escape the fixed-rate cliff

What  can you do to avoid the fxed-rate cliff? Recently, former Reserve Bank Governor Ian Macfarlane warned that the banking regulator, APRA, will likely have to relax loan serviceability buffers if fixed-rate mortgage holders struggle to refinance their loans.

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR): What You Must Know

When looking at your first home loan, one term that you probably have heard of is LVR or 'loan-to-value ratio'. LVR is simply the amount of money you need to borrow as a percentage of the purchase property's value. Therefore, the larger your deposit, the lower your LVR will be.

A Guide to Buying an Investment Property

The latest figures from the ABS show that our love affair with property continues even during the rising interest rate cycle.  Here's how our guide to how you can get started in property investing.

Home Loan Refinancing: Why use a Mortgage Advisor?

Around 2,300 Australians are taking advantage of a better deal on their home loan, choosing to refinance their mortgage after eleven rate rises since April 2022.

Land Tax: Uncovered

Like most homeowners, you may need to know that you will be liable for a land tax when purchasing an investment property. Unlike stamp duty which is the one-off amount paid when you buy a home that will be your principal place of residence.

7 proven tips when applying for a home loan

For people who find the experience unsettling when applying for a home loan, this article provides seven tips for applying for a home loan to help the application process  go as smoothly as possible.

Property cycles: When should you invest?

Constant headlines, media speculation and the weekend conversation amongst family and friends will likely confuse you about the right time to invest in property.

Negative Gearing: Explained

Negative gearing means borrowing money to buy an asset. It is often a tax reduction strategy used by investors. When an asset, in this case, a property, produces income (e.g. rent) that is less than the expenses that occur, it makes a loss. 

Fixed rate expiring? Here’s what to do

With the Reserve Bank due to meet again for the first time in 2023 this month, many homeowners and property investors will be watching closely.

Will they raise the cash rate again? And what does this mean for mortgage holders who locked in a fixed rate during the height of the pandemic?

Expanding your property portfolio? The three best spots in Australia to buy this year

When it comes to investing, knowing WHERE to invest is just as important as knowing WHAT type of property to invest in. This article will give you the tools on how to interpret trends in the Australian Property Market and make your next move.

Building your portfolio? How to make money from your properties in 2023

As we start 2023, there’s no hiding from the fact that there are challenges for those investing in property. But what does this mean when it comes to making money from your investment property?

Protect Yourself Against Rising Interest Rates

Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or a first-time buyer, there are ways you can reduce mortgage stress and protect yourself against rising interest rates. How? As property wealth management and mortgage experts, we’ll share our wisdom on how to ride the wave of the property market’s highs and lows - ensuring you move forward on your path to purchasing more properties. 

Client Scenario: Residential Developer

Andrew is a successful residential developer and he’s been working with our Senior Mortgage Advisor, Dion, for the last 12 months on his client’s property finance needs. After devoting so much of his time and attention to making other people’s dreams a reality in Property, Andrew decided it was time to purchase his own investment property. And, after working with Ramsey closely, via his client's Development deals, he decided the next natural step was to continue working with Dion and his team. 

How to save money immediately by refinancing your home

With money on our minds in the current economic climate, we’re all looking for ways to save. As a homeowner, no doubt your mortgage is your most significant expense and when you started on your mortgage journey you might have a low-interest rate, but as time has passed, your home loan might not be giving you the best financial outcomes you would have projected.  

Refinancing seems scary but it can save you a considerable amount of money every month and set you up for a better financial future. This short blog will take you through how refinancing actually saves you money and if you’re best suited to the strategies we outline. 

Should home buyers worry about negative media regarding the property market?

A quick scan of the headlines can give you a very negative outlook on the property market. With the focus being on an inevitable market correction and drop-off in home values. So, it’s understandable that, as a home buyer, you might be delving into a bit more research or opting for professional advice before making your next move. But how much of this negative news should you listen to and what worries can you cast aside? Today, we want to approach this head-on. Giving you a clearer idea of what to take on board and what aspects of the media’s property perception may not be relevant for you. 

The Flip

Has your portfolio hit a brick wall? You’re not alone. With interest rates where they are today, cash that once was saved for your next step is now being spent on keeping the properties you already have, potentially stunting your goal towards financial freedom. 

It doesn’t have to be like that, we want to take you through our 6-step process we like to call ‘Flipping it on its head’. We’ve used this strategy with many of our clients who have been lumped with poor cash flow and are unable to move forward. Let’s dig into it....

Is now a good time to be purchasing an Investment Property?

With the property market and finances being somewhat volatile, purchasing an investment property may seem risky business. However, with knowledge and specialist expertise on your side, you could not only seek to position yourself firmly on the investment property ladder but also make substantial financial gains. So in this article, we’ll guide you on how to best approach purchasing an investment property in this market. 

The Federal Government Launches Home Guarantee Scheme

Have you been holding out from investing after seeing home prices reach new heights? You’re not alone and thus changes to the Federal Government’s Home Guarantee scheme have made it all the easier for some buyer groups to purchase a home. In this article, we’re going to unpack the complexities of the scheme, how it applies in different areas of Australia and the steps you can take to apply. 

Should homeowners worry about negative property forecasts?

A glance at property forecasts can make you worry about the value of your property decreasing in price or delay you from further progressing your property portfolio.  But do you actually have anything to be concerned about or is this just how the property market works? Let's take a look....

How to Pay Off Your Home Loan 10 Years Faster

Most mortgages are spread out over 25 to 30 years, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few simple strategies you can take years and thousands off your loan, and it’s much easier than you might think.

Choosing a Fixed Vs Variable Home Loan: The Positives and Negatives

There are multiple stages in the property buying journey and it all starts with having the right home loan strategy from the very beginning and working with a Mortgage partner to consistently review this for the life of your loan.

Own 6-8 Properties in 10 years? Here’s Some Tips on Where to Start

Is one of your goals to own multiple income producing properties but you are cautious of how or where to start?

A Finance Guide to Buying Property at Auction

More and more, as land becomes more scarce or in a market where interest rates are low enticing greater buying power from different markets, auctions are becoming increasingly more popular.