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Buyer's Agents: Property's Best-Kept Secret

Buyer's Agents: Property's Best-Kept Secret

House listings are up 4.5% year-on-year compared to September 2022. Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra all experienced the highest year-on-year growth in listings. 

Demand for housing continues to be driven by Australia's increasing migrant population.

However, limited housing stock is causing frustration for many buyers, with properties in sought-after neighbourhoods often selling rapidly, sometimes at the first open house or before.

With interest rates near their peak , more listings are expected to enter the market, providing buyers with options.

However, fast, skilled and strategy-driven negotiations are often needed, leaving inexperienced buyers missing out.

Investment property buyers often assume the process favours the seller, given that real estate agents typically represent them. But what if we could help you with favourable tips and tricks or bypass the entire painstaking process altogether by supporting you? Instead of going it alone, what if another professional was there to help you as the buyer?

Did you know that 50% of all property transactions in the US involve a buyer's agent? Whilst more Australians are partnering with a buyer's agent to help guide them through their property journey, it's still well-kept secret and a highly under-utilised asset.

What is an investment property buyer's agent?

A buyer's agent works for you as the buyer, not the seller, and their job is to help you find the right investment property, with the right rental yield in the right growth corridor, at the right price. They become your expert property sourcing, negotiating, due diligence and buying partner to make the experience easier and to ensure you don't purchase an unsuitable investment property.

Unlike a real estate agent representing the seller, a buyer's agent is your advocate. They can help you understand the market, negotiate on your behalf, and take the stress out of and locating a high yield investment property to buy.

Investment Property Buyer’s Agents have access to various investment property strategies and types of products that are typically not familiar to the open market. They understand the concepts of high and low-yield properties, as well as the best-performing areas for rental yield and capital growth. 

Additionally, they have a network of agents, landowners, builders, and developers from whom they source off-market, pre-market, and on-market properties.

They will work with you to follow your requirements, property strategies and achieve your goals. 

During the process, they will provide valuable information to help you make well-founded decisions, including market trends and conditions. As part of their service, they will attend open inspections, liaise with your conveyancer and handle legal matters.

One of their key roles is negotiating the best price for your chosen property. They represent your interests without emotion and focus on the feasibility of your next investment, overriding the emotional tax you may pay yourself whether dealing with an auction or a private sale.

Maximising Your Investment: How Buyer's Agents Benefit You

A buyer's agent's true worth is only appreciated by clients after encountering setbacks in their property investment journey. 

It's a common scenario: people dive into real estate, purchasing one or two investment properties, only to realise that these seemingly good deals were far from ideal.

Real estate agents and developers often market these properties as 'good investments'.

However, what constitutes a genuinely sound investment can be complicated. It demands a significant portion of your professional and personal time to understand your long-term property strategy, perform due diligence, and negotiate with various parties to secure a suitable investment.

Enlisting a qualified buyer's agent for your investment property journey can help you with:

  • Personalised Investment Portfolio - Buyer's agents ensure you avoid falling prey to investor stock packaged as a great deal, which doesn't align with your portfolio requirements.
  • Strategic Offer Negotiation - They recognise that high-end finishes are not why an investment property sells. Buyer's agents can navigate your offer, which may not always be the most substantial dollar figure, to ensure you acquire properties at the price needed to maintain a high-performing portfolio.

  • Diligent Research -Buyer's agents conduct ongoing due diligence within your purchasing area and across the state/country. They can promptly identify warning signs of a bad investment, whether related to property type, location, area performance, caveats, or other undisclosed factors.

A buyer's agent is your trusted partner throughout the property-buying process. They ensure you're well-informed and help you secure the best price for subsequent property purchases.

Their value is helping you purchase the right property in the best location at the correct time before you start making home loan payments.

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