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Client Scenario: Residential Developer

Andrew is a successful residential developer and he’s been working with our Senior Mortgage Advisor, Dion, for the last 12 months on his client’s property finance needs. After devoting so much of his time and attention to making other people’s dreams a reality in Property, Andrew decided it was time to purchase his own investment property. And, after working with Ramsey closely, via his client's Development deals, he decided the next natural step was to continue working with Dion and his team. 

The Clients Story

Andrew’s foundation was strong. He was looking to purchase an investment property under his company name - currently handled by a Bank that was not delivering a sufficient rate. Our task was to refinance and arrange an equity release to complete the purchase. After building a fantastic working relationship with the Ramsey team over the last year, Andrew knew he could rely on our team to provide an outstanding level of commitment and drive, just as we have for his clients.


The Challenge: A 4-hour turnaround.

It’s not uncommon for the Ramsey team to be under time pressure to deliver. But this project really was working to the wire. After the settlement day had already been extended, extending this any further simply was not an option. With the deadline looming on the day, Dion worked methodically to receive an unconditional approval of Andrew’s personal home loan refinance and equity release at 12cpm. Completion was due at 4 pm that same day. Leaving mere hours to work through the process.  

Dion and his team got straight to work, sending the loan documents instantly to Andrew via Docusign. Meanwhile, another portion of our team got to work on processing the other essential documents that needed to be signed and witnessed by the solicitors.

Dion, physically met with Andrew at the Solicitor's office to witness the documents being signed (being a registered JP himself), then personally handed them to the Solicitors and waited while they were verified. 

Dion liaised with the two Banks involved to ensure they were ready to settle. And also relayed information and all the particulars to the Settlement Officer that was handling the transactions to ensure no minor detail was lost in translation.


The Result: Client funded within 4 hours!

Due to the effortlessly executed day, Dion hit the 4 pm deadline and our client was extremely happy. 

A 4-hour turnaround is unheard of in the Broking industry and with the direction of Dion this also required an all-around team effort to push it over the line. And it’s this level of care and attention that makes for happy clients, who know we’re on their side at all times, understanding the urgency of their situation and acting on it. 

Are you looking for a Lending team that’s on your side every step of the way? Get in contact with Dion and our Ramsey Mortgage Advice to speak about how we can help you today.