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Spotting Unqualified Property Portfolio Planning Services

Spotting Unqualified Property Portfolio Planning Services

It's common to encounter countless companies and individuals claiming they provide an exceptional property portfolio planning service. The industry is full of property houses, acquisition suppliers, intermediaries and buyer's agents demanding your attention.

But how do you know who is genuinely working in your best interests? And what is their version of a ‘property portfolio plan’? 

A professional property portfolio planning service is an expert team to help you build wealth and achieve your lifestyle goals. They understand your unique circumstances and assess your financial situation. 

By assessing your needs, they can explain various profitable property investment strategies and demonstrate how each helps you achieve your goals.

Finding a Professional Property Strategist

Investing in property demands a patient, long-term approach. Properties geared towards generating income typically take some time before delivering returns.

It's crucial to be wary of any suggestions to the contrary, as they may not be providing a realistic perspective or could have undisclosed motives.

This understanding is vital in identifying a service that offers the crucial elements necessary for a personalised property investment portfolio plan.

One way to identify if the strategist or agent has a deep understanding of preparing a property portfolio plan is their knowledge and experience.

Do they offer insights into debt structure, financing/cash flow, and analytics?

These are the core fundamentals of developing a property strategy.

Ideally, the strategist has a team of data analysts, finance-accredited professionals and seasoned experts to help guide your strategy. Crucially, having this team of experts under the same roof focused on your best interests will ensure a holistic approach to investing.

When selecting a strategist, it's essential to understand who is the person advising you and what is their background. 

Are they qualified to offer advice, with a career in advising or a proven track record of personal success using the same formula they're about to recommend to you?

Or, through your conversations, it becomes clear they have had success but started at a vastly different point to you. This can create unrealistic expectations, leading to disappointment when you achieve different outcomes.

What to expect from a professional property strategist

Once you have chosen a property strategist, the first step will be a discovery session, where they will uncover your goals, aspirations, and financial situation.

From this session, they build a customised strategy plan to achieve portfolio and financial goals based on your needs only. Our property strategists prepare a 70-page comprehensive property portfolio plan.

The next phase reviews your debt structure, existing mortgages, and other financial commitments. The objective here is to structure your debt to maximise cash flow for your portfolio.

Now that your debt is structured, the strategist should execute your plan. Here, you can expect them to select properties optimised for growth and a high rental yield.

You should expect a professional strategist to recommend ways to minimise tax and maximise your return.

The most essential service you should anticipate from a strategist is regular portfolio monitoring to keep you on track with your goals. A strategist should review current market conditions, identify growth opportunities and adjust your strategy where needed.

As with any plan, the key to your success is regularly reviewing the strategy and its performance. In these sessions, it should be clear how the strategy is executed and how success is measured.

These reviews ensure your strategy adapts to changes and keeps your portfolio growing as circumstances evolve.

Exploring how property strategists are paid 

Reputable property strategists and their teams will offer unbiased advice. Naturally, you can expect to pay for the service, and if there is no fee or the fee is minimal, you should question how they can provide you with the service for free or at such a low cost.

Some property strategists offer a fixed buyer's agency fee structure, and it's determined by the type of property you're interested in, not the property's value. This flat fee should be disclosed before you use their service or purchase a property.

For brand-new properties, often there's no fee for you because they negotiate with the developer or seller to cover it. Often, property developers do this to save on marketing costs.

Once you own the property, your strategist should refer you to reputable local property managers, insurance, quantity surveyors, and other services to ensure your investment runs as smoothly as possible.

Finally, you should expect the service to include an ongoing portfolio review, property, the market, and the ever-changing lifecycle is not a 'set and forget' but rather a continual refinement of your strategy.

Are you looking for expert professional advice to build your wealth?

Ramsey Property Wealth is a premium mortgage advisory and property investment planning firm serving busy professionals across Australia who value strategic advice and aim to build a profitable property portfolio for faster financial freedom. 

Our client's success is our niche specialisation in providing clear, data-driven, measured and modelled-out success in property investing and continuous revision and optimisation, committed to building your true wealth in property.

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