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Maximising Your Time To Invest

Maximising Your Time To Invest

In today's professional landscape, whether you're mid-career or further along you've likely experienced the constant challenge of needing more time to pursue your goals.    

However, with the evolving Australian professional and property landscape, finding time for your financial goals can seem even more elusive. 

Planning for your financial and lifestyle aspirations often takes a back seat to work and family responsibilities, and the daily rhythm of commuting, the school run and juggling emails between making lunchboxes can leave very little time for goal-setting. 

And that's all before 8 a.m.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD) has found that one in five Australian adults find themselves too busy to care for their physical health, reflecting how time-poor we are. 

As the festive season ramps up, the lack of time becomes more exasperated. Your calendar starts to fill with Christmas parties and events, and thoughts of taking time for yourself are a distant memory. 

But this year, why not take a break and plan for the future?

You may not be able to create more time; however, you can make some space in your calendar during the holidays to reflect and consider how to live a more purposeful life in 2024 and beyond. 

A life that is geared towards achieving your goals.

Building a lifestyle where you can have the financial freedom to upgrade your car, take that long overdue family vacation to Walt Disney World or create a passive income that allows you to pursue your passions and live a well-above-average retirement, rewarding your hectic, hard-working years.

Investing in property is a proven way to build wealth to live the life you aspire to long term.

However, going it alone and trying to find time to build a portfolio can lead to failure or a negative experience. 

Many aspiring investors are turning to an emerging generation of specialist property experts who help them create a strategic plan through modelling, industry expertise, analytics and a purely personalised, one-by-one customer approach.

Similarly to specialists in your professional life, property investment experts will help you analyse data, make strategic decisions, and have specific skills to execute your plan to ensure it's not left on the long list of items you must do daily.  

Finding the time to achieve your aspirational lifestyle

Imagine starting 2024 with new financial goals but still not finding time around your career, family and commitments.

Ewan launched Ramsey Property Wealth when he recognised the need for time-poor professionals who valued strategic advice to grow a profitable investment portfolio to achieve their lifestyle goals

And come to a firm dedicated to providing end-to-end property advice, lending advice and buyers advocacy, negating the need for the client to physically do any part of the process, just understand and commit to the plan that they’ve set constructively with us. 

Ramsey Property Wealth was designed to provide end-to-end strategic finance solutions and investment planning, and advice to enable you to build wealth through property. 

Ewan has leveraged his premium and private wealth expertise, specialising in complex and self-employed lending.

His personal expertise has helped him amass a property portfolio valued at $8.5 million in six years, and is now sharing this experience and applying it to how we serve our clients. 

Strategically, a property portfolio that supports your existing lifestyle without draining your finances is essential. 

Engaging with a strategic team of experts will help you avoid the pitfalls of being a passive investor. Instead of buying random properties to invest in and a 'hands-off' approach to maximise their potential, you need a personalised property portfolio plan. 

A plan developed with your lifestyle goals - will help you add value to your overall portfolio. 

For example, this may include renovating or purchasing new houses to achieve your goals. 

You can leverage your property investment expert's network of agents, landowners, builders, and developers to make the process more seamless. 

From here, you’ll have access to off-market, pre-market, and on-market properties. 

Accessing these networks can help you obtain contracts with builders that aren't generally available to an individual investor or the marketplace. 

Sometimes, you can secure a contract with limits to variations, eliminating the risk of cost overruns. Liquating damages can be locked into your construction timeline, ensuring no time-related risks in your builds. 

With limited time, it’s challenging to match these experts' contacts and experience to achieve the same result.

Kickstart 2024 with purpose and goal-setting 

Ramsey Property Wealth understands that, as a busy professional, you seek valuable expert guidance to reach your goals.

Our specialists deliver you a personalised property portfolio plan, relieving stress and giving you time to focus on the things you love. 

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