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5 Tips for Property Investing Success in 2024

5 Tips for Property Investing Success in 2024

As we shared in our last article, Plan and Exceed Your Net Wealth Goals in 2024, the start of the new year is a fantastic time to review and define your goals.

This year will present unique challenges as it is projected that property values will rise alongside increased rents and persistently higher interest rates.

It’s against this outlook that we share our tips for property investing success that align with your personal lifestyle goals and aspirations.

So whether you’re looking forward to travelling around Australia, taking a European river cruise, or finally joining an exclusive country club, growing your wealth through property investment can help you achieve your retirement goals.


1. Have a long-term clear strategic plan that optimises cash flow

When investing in property, a clear and long-term plan is essential for success. Develop a strategic vision considering your financial goals, risk tolerance, and market trends. 

One crucial aspect of this plan is optimising cash flow — ensuring your property generates a consistent income while managing expenses effectively.

By maintaining a reliable and positive cash flow, you can protect your investment and create opportunities for the future.

This method is similar to laying a solid foundation for a resilient property portfolio capable of withstanding long-term economic changes.

2. Property location is critical 

In property investment, it’s no surprise that the phrase “location, location, location” is often seen in marketing and on popular TV shows.

Location accounts for up to 80% of your success in pursuing capital growth. With that in mind, seek out locations with robust economic growth, fostering job creation, population expansion, and increased housing demand.

You should consider the enduring trend of wealth concentration and examine wage growth.

Look for suburbs where wages outpace the state average, indicating potential gentrification or established "money belt" areas with residents who paid off their homes years ago. 

Invest wisely by choosing areas with a higher local demographic income. This ensures residents can afford property improvements and are willing to pay a premium.

3. Look for areas with sustained high demand

Selecting the right property in the correct location is vital beyond just considering the location itself.

You should prioritise properties with continuous strong demand from owner-occupiers. 

The pandemic has reshaped our lifestyle preferences, with many Australians looking for a property with more space. Remote work and working from home have become the norm, leading to a decline in the densely populated high-rise apartment complexes.

The experience of being confined during the pandemic has underscored the importance of the "third place" – our neighbourhood, as coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg. This term refers to places between home (the 'first' place) and work (the 'second' place).

These "third places," including restaurants, bars, gyms, transport, shopping precincts and other community facilities, have never been more crucial.

Living within walking distance of local amenities like shops, cafes, the beach, or a park highlights the significance of the third place – the essence of your neighbourhood.

4. Safeguard your finances with a buffer 

Always prioritise having a financial buffer to navigate through unexpected challenges. The lessons from the pandemic underscore the vital importance of cash reserves.

The ideal buffer amount varies based on your money management skills and cash flow situation.

Holding between 6 and 12 months of living expenses in an offset account is a good starting point.

While you're unlikely to be without income for an extended period, especially with income protection insurance, this buffer provides a reassuring safety net. 

A cash buffer grants peace of mind, offering ample time to make prudent adjustments, even including the option to sell assets.

This approach alleviates stress, anxiety, and the pressure to sell assets hastily.

5. Leverage demographics for long-term success

Understanding demographics is crucial for a robust property portfolio, offering a path to lasting wealth with minimal risk.

It should be the final consideration in your decision-making process, as demographic changes are more enduring than short-term factors like interest rates. 

Look for locations that can withstand economic fluctuations and yield above-average returns during prosperous times.

The changing wealth distribution, with the middle class diminishing, creates opportunities in areas where affluent knowledge workers reside – often seen in gentrifying suburbs.

To identify these emerging areas, look for signs of prosperity, such as home renovations, newer cars and changing local businesses. You should pay attention to demographic shifts like a decrease in children, a younger population and an increase in affluent two-person households.

By investing in areas that are being gentrified, you can benefit from accelerated growth.

Start your journey to achieving your lifestyle goals

The fundamental principles of property investing are essential for your success. Ramsey Property Wealth can help you with a personalised portfolio plan that aligns with your financial and lifestyle goals.

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