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Case Scenario: Transforming the Property Portfolio of a Registered Nurse

Case Scenario: Transforming the Property Portfolio of a Registered Nurse

Our client, Brody, a 34-year-old Registered Nurse and his partner approached us for assistance with their investment properties, seeking to optimise their property portfolio and expand their investments.

Our Property Strategists worked alongside our Mortgage Advice team and Marcus, our Relationship Manager, investigated the best options to use the equity in their existing home to correctly structure and set them up for future property investments.

The Scenario: 

Brody and his partner owned their own home and had one investment property in Brisbane already. However, their investment was not performing as expected, prompting them to seek Ramsey Property Wealth’s professional advice to keep/sell, restructure their loans and explore opportunities for further property investments.

Brody's primary request was to grow their existing property portfolio with the right performing assets. 

Our first task was to refinance and restructure the clients’ existing debt, focusing on optimising their loan structure while releasing equity for a new investment property purchase. This required us to secure their principal place of residence under its own debt, thereby lowering their risk for future investments.

The Challenge: 

To meet Brody's needs, we conducted thorough valuations for their current properties and collaborated with lenders to ensure optimal property values. One notable achievement was avoiding the need for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), which reduced the overall cost of the investment. A huge win for the client.

The Results: 

  • Crucially, by using their property’s equity, this meant they were able to purchase a new property without using any of their own savings.
  • Working with Brody and his partner we secured the best available interest rates for his investments. 
  • Leveraging our Medical Lending Channels which carry perks, of utilising up to 90% Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR), we eliminated the need for Lenders Mortgage Insurance on the next investment property. 
  • With their new home loan in place, they were able to save $298 per month, which is approximately $107,280 over the life of the loan.
  • Being shift-workers and extremely time poor, our Ramsey Buyer’s Agent, Chris Childs, was brought on to help them purchase a new high-yield investment property renting at $640 per week, with an impressive yield of 8.6%.
  • As a result our clients’ property portfolio underwent a significant transformation, providing them with security, favourable lending terms, and a profitable addition to their investments. 

Our tailored approach to restructuring and financing, as well as offering other key in-house services like Buyers Advocacy, played a pivotal role in helping Brody and his partner achieve their investment goals. 

This success story underscores Ramsey Property Wealth’s commitment to delivering effective financial solutions and expert property guidance to our clients.

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