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Blake - Property Developer & Residential Builder

Blake is a like-minded business owner, awarded residential Builder and property investor.

Blake was recommended to us after, a property developer client of his had made the recommendation to use Ramsey Property Wealth due to our knowledge in complex, structured residential lending, coupled with the fact that we have existing, intricate property development experience ourselves.

Blake was impressed with our digital end-to end processes, allowing him to use the platform anytime, anywhere, making his mortgage journey smoother but moreso with the fact that, when we started to dive into his complex structure, multiple properties with multiple entities, we were able to unpick and assess each of his existing properties, place a viable, strategic and understandable recommendation to the banks/lending institutions and work with each party to unlock more equity to enable Blake to pursue more property whilst doing what he loves.

We took the time to get to know Blake’s unique and structured circumstances, relay this to the bank to ensure they understood it, in the simplest way, utilise our platforms to ensure the busy Director was able to provide us with all the documentation we needed to go ahead.

Blake is not only a long term customer for life, we now assist Blake’s residential home owners with their home loan journey too.

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