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Off-Market Investment Purchase Success for our professional client

Kane and Stephanie, repeat clients of Ramsey Property Wealth, benefitted from our industry-leading property strategy team's comprehensive 10-year Property Portfolio plan.


This time, the goal was to acquire a high-yield, established property in an area poised for future capital growth, adding to their diverse portfolio of income-generating assets.


This case study underscores the value of a dedicated property investment Buyer's Advocate with strong agent relationships in key growth corridors. 

Our Buyers Advocacy team pinpointed a promising area where we had prior success. Sam, our Buyers Associate, discovered a pre-market opportunity through a trusted Agent he’d worked with formerly. 

After an assessment from our Property Analyst, the property’s performance, on an indicative price, exceeded our performance KPIs and proved to be a highly favorable investment. 

Acting swiftly, we assessed the property using poor photos, after a request for more thorough inspection videos that same day, co-currently we utilised our proprietary analytics platform, confirming its metrics superior to that of other properties we sourced for the client. Leveraging our established client relationship from previous results, Ramsey and the client acted fast to negotiate the purchase before the property hit the market.

Originally vacant, after a thorough building inspection the property was settled and rented within 30 days.


Ramsey Property Wealth's Buyers Advocacy team sourced an off-market house in an undervalued Queensland suburb, yielding a 6.24% rental return and an annual growth rate of 8.9%. This acquisition marks Kane and Stephanie's fourth investment property, advancing their portfolio ahead of schedule and boosting their net wealth to a current total of $1.97 million from $250,000.

For a competitive edge in the Australian property investment market, contact our award-winning Buyers Advocacy team at 1300 001 215.