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Megan & Matt

Megan & Matt started out in property with a strong foundation, acquiring their own occupier property they hold together, at the age of 21.

After acquiring their first property and working hard to establish a deposit for their next one, Megan and Matt knew they wanted to enter into property investing, but didn’t know what pathway to take with regards to acquiring their second and subsequent properties thereafter.

This included where to buy, what type of property to buy (new or existing) and how to plan from the very start to achieve the best results.

Heading online Matt came across a few of our online tools and ebooks on our Ramsey education platform available to the public via our website and learned that our service offering included a Property Investment Portfolio Plan, strategically setting out how you can achieve 6-8 investment properties over a 10 year period returning you $2,000 a week in passive income, a plan customised to each individual client, their current situation and future property goals.

Matt booked an appointment with our Property Strategy team and we developed a custom strategy, a 70 page, step-by-step plan detailing how the couple are to purchase each property at what stage of their plan, the plan is revisited along with their lending structure (which our lending team are involved with, from the very start).

The couple are now onto purchasing their 3rd investment property through Ramsey Property Wealth, where we are also now assisting the young couple with sourcing and acquiring the property for their approval through our partner channels.

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