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Property Portfolio Plan: 10 year strategy

The Client: Research Manager & Production Operator Couple

We were approached by two young professionals in their early thirties who have seen much success in each of their respective industries as a Research Manager and Production Operator. Currently living in Tasmania, the pair were looking to move to the mainland soon and wanted to start their investment journey. With a total household income of $170K- $200K per year, they were in a strong position to make the transition from owner occupiers to getting their first investment. 

The Plan: Preparing strategic steps 

The pair came to us wanting guidance on the best next steps to purchasing property investment. Their ultimate goal was to build a strong portfolio over a 10-year period, slowly building a solid base of passive income. Much like many first-time investors, those initial steps can feel daunting. Especially when looking at how to structure debt, secure the best rates and buy properties that would build in value. This is where the Ramsey team come in - sharing their expertise on how to best structure mortgages and strategically purchase property that bring in profitable returns. 

Starting from scratch 

As this was the couple’s first foray into investment properties, the team was tasked with a ground-up build of their property wealth strategy. Over the course of 4 weeks, the team worked together to develop a portfolio plan, working to achieve their lifestyle goals and 10-year passive income objective. This involved an initial exploration of rates in the market, looking for the best lending deal that would allow the new investors to put their best foot forward. After negotiations with several lenders, the team secured a fantastic lending deal, which would maximise their cash flow. 

The Result: A strong start to their portfolio

Within 6 weeks of initially meeting the client, the Ramsey team delivered a strategic plan outlining 7 new properties in 10 years delivering a passive income of $128k annually. What’s more, this same plan also delivered positive cash flow from year one - ensuring that they were always in a positive position regardless of how far along in their investment journey they were. This plan also took into account aspects such as inflation - ensuring that they would be safe regardless of interest rate hikes. Not only did this give them structure and focus, but massively reduced their anxiety around entering the property ladder and accruing debt throughout the 10 year process.

We help position your portfolio to generate passive income

Generating passive income with your portfolio can feel like an unattainable goal - especially if you’ve just started or are yet to start your investment journey. But that is what the Ramsey team is here to help with - giving you complete confidence in your path forward and safeguarding your savings in the process.

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