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Ramsey Makes a Millionaire

The Ramsey Property Strategy team have released their first ever Case Study to showcase the results of why choosing the right professional firm to support your property investment journey is critical to your success in creating wealth.

Just three years into their Property Wealth journey with our firm, Ramsey Property Wealth, has built another millionaire client following the below journey:

Let's walk you through how:

When Meghan, a Professional Consultant, and Mark, a Tradesman with a young family first came to us in 2019 they had a small deposit and their first house purchased at 95% LVR. 

They were in their primary working years and had the idea that owning property was their vehicle to generate wealth. They approached us seeking advice and support on building a long-term profitable property portfolio.

We proposed a strategy, and purpose fit to their current situation, a detailed plan to meet their end-net wealth goals and their risk appetite. The detailed plan we presented to them was easy to understand and was approved in consultation with them. Once they were ready to proceed, they selected  to undertake the services of the Ramsey Property acquisitions team to execute the strategy for them researching, locating, purchasing, negotiating and conducting the necessary due diligence and post contract items on their behalf.

At each stage Mark & Meghan played their critical part in keeping themselves accountable to the requirements we set and agreed upon and utilised the specialised skillset of their Ramsey advisory team to each carry out their duties: 

  • Mark & Meghan engaged each service within Ramsey Property Wealth to deliver on their plan. Our Property Strategy service, Lending service and Property Acquisitions service, as a result, the entire team delivered, at every stage of the process.
  • Our Lending team year on year conducted an assessment of their debt structure and LVR.
  • Our Property Strategy team sets, reviews and optimises the strategy as their circumstances and risk appetite changes, keeping the structure by allowing for market changes, keeping on track successfully to deliver on the intended outcome.
  • Finally, our Property Analyst and Acquisitions team searches for the specific property metrics, property types, and locations complimentary to the plan set, negotiating and securing each property including post-contract care and rental requirements.

The result:

Three years later, by following our plan purpose fit to their lifestyle and goals, and choosing to utilise the full service offering, if Meghan and Mark were to sell all their properties and clear their loans, they will have netted in excess of $1.35 million dollars cash. 

They have 7 years to go on our portfolio plan strategy and with house gains as they are – it's looking to be a far superior result in the future. To that, we are thrilled to guide them on their journey to success, rewarding them through their hardest working years with access to enviable financial freedom.

Our entire service offering and Senior experience capability is centered around generating results for clients enabling them to live the life they are most passionate about.

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